The Independent School Admission Survey enables you to ask and answer the right questions about students' and families' perceptions of your school and about their enrollment decisions.


  • What is it about your school that makes admitted students enroll...or not?
  • What sources of information about your school are used most often and which are rated most helpful?
  • What are the most widely-held images of your school among enrolling students, non-enrolling students, and parents?
  • What school characteristics are considered most important, and how do applicants and parents rate your school and your competitors on these factors?
  • How do parents view your school costs and the financial aid you have offered?
  • How many of your admitted students applied to, were admitted to, and enrolled at each of your top competitors?


The Survey.  The ISAS provides you tested questionnaires, customized with your school name and logo, to use in surveying admitted students and their parents. You can send paper questionnaires to students and parents through the mail, or you can have them complete the survey online, or you can do both.

You can add your own content and questions to the ISAS survey instruments. For more information, see questionnaires.

The Report.  Completed questionnaires are analyzed by Applied Educational Research (AER), the program sponsor, and a comprehensive report is prepared, which displays the study findings in an extensive set of tabular and graphic displays. For more information, see the report.